Repair and Care

We try our very best to make our CJ pieces to be functional, however care must be taken when wearing them. If a delicate treasure breaks within 3 months of purchase due to a manufacturing fault, we’re happy to repair or exchange it for free. After 3 months, the cost for repair will depend on the nature of the repair needed.
Naughty Diamonds
Fine pave or flush set stones have been known to occasionally fall out. Within 3 months of purchase, Black Betty will replace these diamonds at no charge. After 3 months, the cost will depend on the size of the stone and story.

Unfortunately, CJ Jewellery cannot take responsibility for broken chains. Chains, by nature, are extremely delicate and need to be handled with great care by the wearer.

*Please note that should you need something repaired and you are based outside of Durban, you will be liable for courier costs..

Gold Plating / Vermeil
Gold Vermeil or plating is a term that describes Sterling Silver with a layer of gold on top (plated). Gold vermeil may slightly fade over time depending on wear and the amount of care taken. We offer a re-plating service; please email for more details.

Repair and Care

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